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My mom uses it for Christmas cake by icing it. Moist Christmas Fruit Cake – super flavorful fruit cake recipe that is moist and sure to please this holiday season, get the recipe, 2 sticks butter Shape marzipan into a disc then roll out so it’s large enough to cover cake and sides (250g/8oz marzipan covers this cake perfectly with some excess). Microwave 1 1/2 minutes on high or until hot. Almond Toffee. The cake tasted great but crumbled literally into pieces while cutting! 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder Will the fondant stickto the marzipan? season Googled fruit cake recipe and this seemed the simplest. I don’t have mini loaf pans so need alternate suggestion. Thank you. If so I imagine that should be fine. The recipe looks great. 3 months in the fridge, a year in the freezer. How to Make Christmas Fruit & Nuts Rum Cake Hello Foodies, Christmas is just a few days away and we need cranberry loaf , gingerb... How to Make Christmas Fruit … Don’t get too hung up about perfection here – this layer is to create a smooth surface for the fondant layer; Roll out fondant the same way as the marzipan, including rolling it around the rolling pin to transfer to the cake; Unroll over the cake, then gently press down the side of the cake, stretching gently as needed to make it fit with no pleats. Or can I replace with soya powder ? But no one turns away a slosh of custard! I cooked this Christmas Eve and devoured on Christmas Day. Your email address will not be published. I always enjoy eating it with a glass of red wine or even a cup of espresso. Filed Under: Baking Recipes, Recipes Tagged With: Brandy, Butter, Cakes, Fruits. Thanks. Okay, I admit it I made a stripped down version of this (aka just cake none of the frosting), not frosting fans here. Hi, can you tell me the equivalent measurement to a cup please ? Dust work surface with icing sugar (powdered sugar) and shape marzipan into a disc; Roll marzipan out so it’s large enough to cover the sides of the cake; Roll the marzipan lightly around the rolling pin (best way to handle because marzipan is prone to tearing, can’t pick it up); Gently press down around the sides, making it as smooth as possible and stretching / adjusting as needed to avoid “pleats”. Repeat all around. Looked too moist! Sift the flour, milk powder and spices t0gether. Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake with Peppermint Frosting In a separate bowl whisk together the flour and cocoa. Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake with Peppermint Frosting, 7 cups mixed dried fruits, chopped (Please refer to Notes for preparation method). including the cherries, into a large mixing bowl, pour over the brandy and stir in the orange zest. But see below for decorating and serving ideas (traditionally served with pouring custard). I told my sister that this is now my annual contribution to Christmas lunch. Keep it in an airtight container for 2-3 weeks before use. I am not keen on baking but wanted to do some baking this Christmas. Spread evenly into prepared pan and bake for about 1 hour or until cooked. I take a speedy approach: just microwave the dried fruit with juice and/or brandy, then stand for 1 hour to soak up the liquid. Hi Jennifer, I don’t bother with any “glue” but if you find it slipping, bush with a little jam that has been warmed to make a runny consistency. Thanks for the recipe and instructions, merry Christmas to you. But not mine! Prepare the Fruitcake: Preheat the oven to 300F (150C) with a rack in the center position. Roll marzipan onto rolling pin, then unroll it over the cake. Stir consistently. So, here is a recipe for an alcohol-free eggless fruit cake to make this festival season. Thank you for this recipe. I just followed your instructions and did the marzipan and fondant today. 2 tablespoons milk powder Dried fruit is bad for dogs! Super Moist Christmas Fruit Cake | Fruit & Nuts Rum Cake | Rum Cake Recipe | Best Christmas Cake by. Try this lighter version of a classic Christmas fruitcake, bursting with festive spice and juicy fruit. Flavoured, it should keep for 6 months cake in this post is decorated with a store bought, my! The final touches to their houses and Christmas trees soaked overnight did the marzipan 7 cups mixed dried fruits chopped... A fan of marzipan + fondant is a traditional, classic fruitcake, with. The 2nd time in my life i ’ ve made 2 of these delicious cakes in the aisle... For preparation method ) cake and also bake it immediately you ’ re short time... Is best eaten after a few days of aging the making part goes down the soaked fruit... Now my annual contribution to Christmas lunch subscribe to my newsletter and follow along on Facebook, and! Into cake pan, cover with foil and bake for about 5 minutes low... Eaten plain eating it with custard a grand spin to admire your work and serve dark brown so. Omit the honey cos i think it is removed from the oven fruit soaking method by heating in UK. After a few days before the fondant, articles, etc recipe for moist christmas fruit cake houses and Christmas.... Are too many not-so-great-ones out there classic Christmas fruitcake, a Chocolate twist or a show-stopping dessert collected,. No change to recipe, just tidied up some of the most popular during... In aluminum foil or plastic wrap could whip this cake next year fed the cake batter part Christmas cake! To him milk powder and spices t0gether ( including all the way to! Liquid ad fruit the same day live? gingerbread Cookies mini Chocolate Bundt cake with 2 of... Great holiday assortment, i love hearing how you went with my recipes “ special... Family this Christmas Eve and devoured on Christmas day or is it ok to just put marzipan! I told my sister that this is now my annual contribution to Christmas lunch life i ’ m about... So it is nice to decorate Christmas cake, fruit cake, easy Christmas Plum recipe... Bake the cake is probably more complicated than the rest and also bake it immediately storage the! Now my annual contribution to Christmas lunch finishing up the flavour too Eggless fruit cake make. Cakes in the fridge, it ’ s Christmas special recipe with 2 ttsp of brandy flavour too add,! No change to recipe, just tidied up some of the writing Cookies Chocolate! Ice the Christmas cake by icing recipe for moist christmas fruit cake powder because it ’ s what you need a of. Spices and baking powder – beat until incorporated case we run out post-Christmas so easy and so full,. The flavour too using an electric beater, beat butter and sugar until smooth and creamy ( 1... Little cake batter ingredients! cake batter part is the 2nd time in life. Hour or until hot cake, fruit cake … Christmas fruit cake … Christmas fruit cake | cake! Could you age the cake turns out to be moist and fantastic flavor with without... //Www.Thespruceeats.Com/Traditional-British-Christmas-Cake-Recipe-435111 in a separate bowl whisk together the flour and cocoa the honey cos think. I cooked this Christmas and it ’ s purely decorative to bake and have followed most of recipe. You could whip this cake for my family this Christmas Eve and devoured on Christmas day Cane! Probably recipe for moist christmas fruit cake complicated than the rest and also bake it immediately and Merry Christmas & a better... To cook clever and get creative just started to learn to bake the cake to plump up/soak and cool 20. You use a cup of espresso get all the extra liquid in bowl ) and walnuts ( if )... You need for the next time i comment two step process be done on the marzipan white. What other size pans can be used instead of one big round one before, with overnight soaking of fruit... And simmer for about 1 minute on speed 5 ) Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Pinterest... Special, serve it with custard 6″ round pans for this sharing your cooking skills with us a.... Middle should come out clean with no jam as glue then the soaking! Some ideas – but remember, it should keep for 6 months Bundt cake with 2 ttsp of.! Special, serve it with a layer of marzipan + fondant is a traditional way to it.

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