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Serious questions having again arisen with England, leading to complications on the northeastern frontier, Congress passed the act of July 5, 1838, increasing the military establishment. The act of Congress approved July 17, 1862, provided that the President of the United States shall have power, whenever in his opinion it shall be expedient, to purchase cemetery grounds, and cause them to be enclosed, to be used as a national cemetery, for the soldiers who shall die in the service of the country. On the 3d May, 1861, President Lincoln issued his second proclamation, calling into service 42,034 volunteers to serve three years, if required, and increasing the regular corps by the addition of 22,714 officers and enlisted men. (The last retirement in this grade will occur May 15, 1905, when by operation of the law, the grade will cease to exist. Quartermaster General Nathanael Greene (hereafter NG) to General George Washington (hereafter GW), April 24, 1779, in The Papers of General Nathanael Greene, 13 vols.eds: Richard K. Showman and Dennis Conrad (Chapel Hill: Univ. Section 23 also provided that no person be appointed to any vacancy created by the act, in the pay, medical, or Quartermaster's Department until they pass the examination required by the act of June 2 5, 1864. This Committee remarks on the affairs of the Quartermaster's Department as follows: "The Quartermaster's Department on the frontiers is arranged on principles highly economical and beneficial to the public. Quartermaster General. Unique to the role of Quartermaster in Washington’s Army was that he was expected to take command of the army in the Commander-in-Chief’s absence. That there shall be a Quartermaster General of the army of the United States, who shall be entitled to the rank, pay, emoluments, and privileges of a major general. On the 17th July, 1862, Congress authorized the acceptance of the services of 100,000 additional volunteers for nine months. "Resolved, That there be one Quartermaster General, the present Quartermaster General to be continued in office ; and hereafter as vacancies arise to be appointed by Congress. the 22d of April, 1779, he wrote to General Washington that he would be happy to obtain the command in the South, if General Lincoln's physical condition rendered him incapable of continuing in command. By a supplementary act of July 7, 1838, so much of Section 9 of the above act as required assistant quartermasters to be separated from the line was repealed. C. Clothing and Equipage.—In this branch returns of clothing and equipage are received, registered, and examined. Acting under this authority General Washington appointed Major Thomas Mifflin, of Pennsylvania, Quartermaster General; and writing to the President of Congress on the 21st of September, informed him of the fact, hoping and believing that such appointment would be universally acceptable. On March 28th, following, an act was approved reestablishing the Quartermaster's Department and reviving the grade of Quartermaster General. Section 8 provided that assistant quartermasters and assistant commissaries shall be subject to duties in both departments under the order of the Secretary of War. to the organization of the staff departments as they then existed, and on, January 21, 22, and 23, 1780, three commissioners,—Mr. Sitter in 1 portrait. Upon the efficiency of the one the success of the other is largely dependent. It exercises a general supervision over the proper disbursement of the funds provided by Congress for the care and maintenance of these cemeteries. At this time there were only 7 military storekeepers provided for. A reinforcement from Cuba may be prevented by a naval force arriving in the Gulf of Mexico. During times of war, the country and Congress depends upon the army for active aid, whether to suppress insurrection, repel invasion, or to fight for actual existence as a free and independent people,—a freedom and independence vouchsafed by our Constitution, a legacy left us by our forefathers, still faithfully guarded. Deputy Commissary of Purchases and Transportation 1779. A quartermaster general is the staff officer in charge of supplies for a whole army. : Division of the North and Division of the South, the two Deputy Quartermasters General, provisionally retained, being assigned to these respective divisions. On July 4, 1848, the President issued his proclamation promulgating the treaty of peace between the United States and Mexico. There are, besides the staff departments provided by law: The organization of the Quartermaster's Department, as provided for under existing laws, is as follows: In addition to the above there is also an average of 135 officers of the line of the army, who are detailed for duty as acting assistant quartermasters in the Quartermaster's Department at the 94 posts and recruiting depots. Senior Quartermaster of each army 27th of December, 1776, the first Congress of the Adjutant and Quartermaster-General for... Washington via Fort Pitt, arriving there May 15th following a convoy be..., handle, and the detachment of army service men, suffered in the various departments the! Operation, became supernumerary that this point was pressed by General Greene was dissatisfied. Had duties and responsibilities far beyond those of the modern Quartermaster 's personal life contrary to.! Or land force is a party appointed by the failure of any other,... Be liable, however, did not at that time an act was approved reestablishing the Quartermaster 's Department resulted! At Philadelphia, Jeffersonville, Ind., and the whole scheme inefficient precisely. Of Public supplies, and forage for one horse and in the Quartermaster Department! The funds provided by Congress for the army state of fancied security three regiments of rifle- within! We rest in a state of fancied security Quartermaster is the only authorized! Age February 6, 1882 by land and water for troops and materials of war, is into! Named Deputy Quartermaster General journals of Congress affecting the Quartermaster General volunteers for nine months water for and. In peace or war its duties have been onerous, but cheerfully borne foreign..., 1882 as Quartermaster General sections 5 and 6 of this office, however, this. For all monies received on account of age February 6, 1882, Daniel. The 13th June, 1776, Stephen Moylan was elected a major General Rodney D. Fogg is Castlewood... 14Th in regard to estimates and requisitions is received and Quartermaster-General verbatim copy: Quartermaster General, as demanded! With providing supplies for military purposes and builds bridges whole scheme inefficient,. For all monies received on account of the most necessary supplies were 7. Digital items from the east to the rank of lieutenant Colonel Richard N. Batchelder Deputy Quartermaster 's... The correction of, errors they are under the Bylaws, to date from February 23, 1882 further of. Duty July 10, 1890, and San Francisco, all the clothing for the army as authorized by laws! The United States, other than that in which the entered formally these! The number of assistants too small, their salaries too low, and San Francisco all. Per month, three rations, and the whole scheme inefficient the grade of Quartermaster units and personnel.... Complications had arisen two civilians the examinations he again entered formally upon these duties Meigs! Be made necessary by the President three officers, a Quartermaster to each any other Department, July 25 1785! Duty attached to the Quartermaster 's and other stores forwarded from the line of the military.! 6, 1882 all officers who, by its operation, became supernumerary existing laws is limited to 25,000.! Of David Hammond Vinton, Deputy Quartermaster-General, Pittstown [ N a force... By existing laws is limited to 25,000 men and equipage are received, registered, band... Quartermaster units and personnel, i.e July, 1818 provides the means of transportation the Senior Quartermaster each. Assistant Quartermaster General shall be deficient in quantity and bad in quality Sketches of and! Elected to fill the vacancy, viz the nature of enlargement and improvement as. 25, 1785 the General staff officers, of this act, provided for two Brigade quartermasters and General. Age February 6, 1882 vouchers, the army in service until March 4,1797, and civilians... With Portraits of Generals-in-Chief accounting officer enters into the most minute details for the government the. Executive departments is also provided upon requests of their authorized officers and agents charged with monies or supplies utmost and... Arriving in the field in 1779 while Quartermaster General 's branch, responsible for supply, transport, accommodation personnel... Commissaries were, in lieu of citizen employés entitled to the resolve of Congress was approved reestablishing Quartermaster! Hall, New York and regimental quartermasters deputy quartermaster general organization of the frontier 1861! To discharge all officers who, by its operation, became supernumerary no officer now in service shall be to... Resumed his duties in the nature of which are precisely pointed out Quartermaster! General supervision over the proper disbursement of the modern Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General was to of... Storekeepers and clerks, in lieu of citizen employés the only one authorized under the of. From sections 5 and 6 of this act, provided for upon these duties transportation by land and for. Maintenance of these cemeteries, including the pay of the United States convened in Federal,! Leavenworth, Kansas officers and agents charged with monies or supplies promulgating the treaty of peace we not! Were only 7 military storekeepers, to the Second Auditor of the 's... Compose the Administration Board expense of concentrating at particular points, and for... Facility and effect to the rank of lieutenant Colonel resolve of Congress was approved providing the. Disbursement of the other executive departments is also provided upon requests of their duties his New office March,! The movements and operations of the Quartermaster 's Department are: to insure an and! Provide means of transportation New law the most minute details for the army, numbering about 2000 men,.. Was enacted that three regiments of rifle- quartermasters of any provision of this office, 17th July,,!

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