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Blend that with patchouli, amber, and musk. Gift with Purchase. Beautiful fragrance, a lovely and prominent violet and lavender scent, with an intoxicating musk drydown. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Have some juice left. So what is the difference between a 9.6, 9.7, and 9.8 regarding uniqueness? In some distant way, it also reminds me of the cold green Guerlain Vetiver. Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir for Men Eau de Toilette Spray, 1.6 Ounce YSL M-7 Oud Absolu Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 2.7 Ounce Maison Martin Margiela 'Replica' Jazz Club EDT for Men 100ml Rare I like it. Narciso Rodriguez For Her Fleur Musc EDP. It's a pretty linear fragrance, but don't let the simple notes fool you. The few notes involved remain linear throughout the wear, and don't evolve into anything greater than the sum of its parts. Wore it today at the office (just 2 sprays) and around the house when I got home (another 2 sprays). It's a very complex scent, "He is an individual who takes time to get to know, just as for him eau de toilette is a subtle, nuanced scent that grows more powerful and addictive with time." Rodriguez does remind me of Fahrenheit, that also has this ozonic, gasoline-ish vibe going on. A truly avant-garde concoction, but absolutely NOT wearable to me. Altogether, a wonderful mélange that’s unique among my collection. very pleased! Overall I would't hesitate to call this an evocative masterpiece. Will have to update later on the longevity and sillage. Absolutely worthy price. I like to think of NR's For Him as being my "Radiohead scent". The performance seems pretty good also. It's so different and unique. A scent that will have the ladies gravitate to you, should they get within an arms length. I’m a true fan of Narciso Rodriguez fragrances for women, yet this is the first time that I have tested NR For Him. I regret not testing NR for him earlier. Longevity and sillage are very good... the very evocative violet leaves, accompanied by a beautiful musk. Quite simply a masterpiece. 3,479 votes. Narciso Rodriguez women Eau De Toilette. This scent was a blind buy. After sifting through countless reviews for Narciso Rodriguez For Him, my curiosity was piqued to say the least. The violet is very prominent, and in an earthy way. Simply put it - Musk, Violet Leaf and bit Amber. If a fragrance has moods, this fragrance would be the somber and solemn one. The grey colour is exactly what it smell, powdery musk/amber/violet/patchouly. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | dirt, concrete and wet rain (patchouli is very dominant on skin). Special Offer. Shop a wide range of Beauty products and more at our online shop today. Wear this Narciso Rodriguez for Men at rainy, cold night. Longevity at zero. It is at once raw and spartan, like cold, wet pavement after a rain, yet heady, with a penetratingly lovely purple-muted-flower bouquet. It starts off with a very interesting smell of wet concrete, but then dries down to an unbearably sweet patchouli. Avoid the musk one, it's boring. سلام هموطنان، اون نارسیسو هیم تستر که دیجیکالا آورده به قیمت 120 تومن تقلبیه. A blend of floral, amber and woodys pulsations. It's a moody scent, smells a little like sweet, damp soil and vegetation, but in a good way. $105.01 Off RRP. Then it dries down to musk scent which is combined meticulously with violet and patchouli in the middle note.It just takes less than 1 hour to get to the middle note and then it lasts more than 6 hours and after that the projection decreases significantly within 3 hours when the base note appears. narciso rodriguez for him bleu noir 1.7 edt sp Item #:NR8805950 UPC :3423478805958 Discover the world of Narciso Rodriguez fragrances and ready-to-wear. I like this. Great for work, church, funerals, weddings, and daytime socials. I found this fragrance after look around to find something to wearing on rainy day , then I found this. To me, this fragrance isn't love on the first spray... You have to wear this fragrance for a while to actually appreciate this. Even the $200+ range would be fair. This perfume was inspired by “the great masculine fougere fragrances from 1980’s” and includes: musk, amber, violet leaf and patchouli. Okay, so this is a freakin' awesome-sauce fragrance. So many reviewers have said that this is a rainy-day fragrance, that there is something dark about it--but to me this smells like a sunny day in early spring, when the earth is starting to wake up from the winter. Initially I was disappointed to not get the wet concrete smell so many agree on, but within a few months it became full fledged. Whit no debt the base note is Musk. I realized what people actually mean when they say wet cement. Oh yeah! I get a very damp, almost chocolaty patchouli note. I have a sample bottle of the perfume. I love to sniff the smells. I loved the smell of my grandmas house, but this has something in it that is very off-putting from that smell, although its somewhat similar. ..My only regret was buying a 50ml bottle and not the 100ml of my favorites in my collection. When I tried it early in my journey, I wasn't a big fan. If anyone was wondering - the grey is not the liquid. The packaging and community led me to believe it evokes the smell of wet cement, a comparison which, while not entirely accurate gets across the dense weight feel of the composition. I feel confident, appealing and subtly unique and different which is oddly how I have always seen myself. Rumors are true. On my skin the violet leafs is prominent then the musk take over which is quite animalic on my skin with patchouli mainly undertone which is more like woody/green not dirty. Performance wise both bottles were similar, on a colder summer night it lasted on my skin for about 8-9 hours. This time am only going to wear NR when it's raining. Such a sophisticated smell that makes the wearer seem assured of himself. In all of the Narciso Rodriguez scents, I love the most is Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette Spray. And when it dried down, it settles into something wet, sophisticated, dark, dense, and smoky vibe. It was release in 2003. Your toes reach the shore of this underground river - warmth rises from the soft earth beneath your feet. I would love the man in my life to smell like Narciso Rodriguez for Him,every morning waking up to this scent would most def make my day(and night) better.I adore this perfume,makes me think of the ocean,palmtrees and love.If i were a guy this is what i'd smell like. This is the sexiest fragrance on men IMO. This perfume is difficult to expose in words. I smell violets on the grave in this one, with the initial blast of tobacco. Not too strong and also not too feminine compare with NR for him EDP. Very rare in my country, so dark so vintage, perfectly combination of old and modern. To analyze Narciso Rodriguez batch code, and check production date and shelf life for Narciso Rodriguez, please enter the batch code in the calculator form. Its fresh yet dark and alluring. I am getting this because of a sale, I read how many people react to confronting the notes on this fragrance, metallic floral violet, which can be green and also bittersweet, eathly patchouli which can become leafy, herbal and musk, which on perfumery can come off as bug spray on some people. Narciso Rodriguez for Him was launched in 2007. its also floral dominant from the violet leaf. Truly the final puzzle piece to complete your aesthetic, the right fragrance will add just enough intrigue while creating a certain mood, evoking just the right memories, and simply enough, ensuring you smell great! This one is a wonderful modern day floral/musk scent that smells even better as it dries down. Perfume lovers: 596999 narciso rodriguez for her for her fragrance collection is a profound statement about sensuality and beauty. Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. I'm 24 and I wear it and people say to me it smells good. But I could easily see this being very polarising as i think it's borderline feminine and will definitely not be to everyone's taste. I did not find it weird or cloying or challenging, i found it a modern classic and liked it so much, if you like rive gauche and zino you’ll like this one, i love it. Does exactly what it it sets out to do and that's create a modernized version of an '80's Fougere. It's a dead race between NR For him and NR For him perfume intense. It's a more mature scent to my nose. Cloud weather in bottle, when it's rainy this one becomes magic, the violet/amber/musk gives this a well combination, i don't know why but this fragrance smells "sad", when you dig your nose into it and close your eyes it will take you to a sad memories that happened to you before, and for me it was at my highschool my most sad moments and happiest ones too. But in a very good kind of way. A pleasant fragrance but not to my taste.I like frgrances that bowl me over from the onset and those that don't, I test and walk around doing all sorts before coming back to it. It's fresh floral green, musky, earthy with just a tad of sweet amber all rolled into one. This is the scent of Count Dracula. Add Narciso Rodriguez For Her Fleur Musc EDT Florale to wishlist. $143.00 - $199.00. out of It says "i am a man, and ladies are attracted to me". $144.00 - $199.00. That sounds bad, but I mean it in a less toxic way. Soft and gentle musk. Brain dumping here so stay with me. It’s very pungent and strong, the longevity is above average, so I give it that. On my dry skin it smells too sharp and linear, cloying and clunky. I love patchouli based scents so much and this is just a great blend. £59.04. Narciso Rodriguez For Her Edt - 150ml (Parallel Import). I can see why people say it smells like wet stone. Yes, it's not a crowd pleaser, but oh my God this is such a bold scent, it's like daring you to wear it. Always a good feeling when a blind buy is a success and this was more than a successful blind buy for me. Add Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir EDT Extreme to wishlist. Narciso Rodriguez By Narciso Rodriguez For Her, Eau De Parfum Spray, 1.6-Ounce Bottle I have actually known one in the past. Initially upsetting and sort of terrifying, but also romantic. After a few years in my fragrance journey, I really grew to enjoy this one. The violet leaf provides this fresh-ozonic quality that everyone is talking about, while patchouli and ambroxan add warmth and subtle sweetness. 8.5/10. Not a traditional fougere to say the least but feels like it could be a fougere that was synthesized within a Cyberpunk universe. 2017 edt version gone after 4 hours. For a more demure aroma, Essence by narciso rodriguez is a muskier scent with notes of rose petals, iris and amber. And just like many of Radiohead's finest works, there's a certain melancholy to it. I sprayed it on a blotter around 16:00 and now it's 10:00 in the morning and I can still clearly smell the core of its scent, but more fresh. I revisited this fragrance after trying it a couple years ago. I lost interest in it as it lacks complexity. But it falls more into the category of 'interesting', not so much into 'pleasant'. It's probably what Eli actually smells like. amazing great in damp weather.truly sexy and seductive. Narciso Rodriguez for him is a very good one from Narciso Rodriguez the musk , amber, violet leaf and patchouli it's just gives you a special feeling of uniqueness & that is simply & directly coming very heavy from a simple fact that it's not clearly for every man , ( of course the perfect deal comes along with very good projection & longevity as well ) , beside the bottle design looks lovely also which completes it. Lots of violet and musk. One of my all time favourites. It brings the unusual, the avant garde into the mainstream -- a niche-style scent in a designer bottle. It has that dark clouds, wet cement, mud vibe to it. Sprayed this on today while looking for green scents with good longevity. After 1 hour becomes skin scent. There is a cigar ash element to it that reminds me of Rasasi Tobacco Blaze although the two are distinctly seperate. This is one of those scents that immediately gets your attention due to it's uniqueness. a strong fragrance with very good longevity and projection.

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