lineage 2 skills

Go face to face against foes of equal skill and experience or team up to challenge and overcome world boss raids where hundreds of able-bodied heroes may be needed! Create Your Classic Hero Begin your return to the original classic by creating your character from a selection of 31 classes and 5 races each with varying skills and abilities. Crystal to summon - Requires 7 D-Grade crystals and periodically consumes 6 additional for 14 times. You become familiar with C-Grade equipment. Requires 8 Crystals: D-Grade. Residence Body: Increases Max. Cures a servitor's bleeding and poisoning up to Effect 9. Phantom Cubic uses magic that decreases P.Atk, P. Def, and Atk.Speed of a targeted enemy. ";h" + escape(document.title.substring(0, 150)) + ";" + Math.random() + Temporarily increases servitor's P. Atk. Forums; Critiques; Sondages; Médias. Temporarily increases servitor's M. Def. While active, 5 percent of earned Exp will be consumed, along with 1 additional crystal at 14 regular intervals. Takes away 3 percent of earned Exp. At level 20, the Human Mystic must choose to be either a damage-dealing Human Wizard, or a healing Cleric. Takes away 24 percent of earned Exp. Skills/Spells that require you to learn from a skill trainer will not not require a spell/skill book; Skills that you learn straight from a book (e.g. Residence Body: Increases Max. Summons a Shadow. Fight with truly dangerous enemies that can only be defeated together with a team of allies. with love, document.write("

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