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new rose varieties; yellow; bicolor white red; bicolor yellow red; white; cream; peach; lavender; orange; novelty; garden roses; pink; hot pink; red; green; tinted. growing; cold chain; flower care; social responsability. About us Fairtrade, Meanwhile we are all waiting for snow ❄️ Check, Employee smiles matter to us! Latest News LIVRIO Get the latest industry trends & floral marketing strategies! In September we had the opportunity to participate in the Flowers Expo Moscow 2019. Wholesale fresh-cut roses Cotopaxi and Cayambe award-winning farms. There is a wide variety of colors of roses, this time, we have this interesting... HIGH TECH THAT GUARANTEES THE QUALITY OF OUR ROSES. Bi-colored roses grow exceptionally well in Ecuador due to the colder temperatures at night which allow for changing tones along the outer edges and inner half of the petals. Home; Our Company; Varieties; Video; Contact; Varieties. See more ideas about Rose varieties, Enchanted rose, Rose. At Schreurs we are extremely passionate about roses and are committed to develop the most beautiful varieties worldwide. rose varieties. Read our commitment! Quito Ecuador, ContactPBX: 593 (2) 380 1158Sales: 593 (2) 380 1178, Ponte Tresa is a social and environmental, We pack our roses with love and care. Our company started its activities in 2004 with the idea of being a leader in the production and exportation of the best varieties of roses. Exquisite and desired ecuadorian roses are grown by our team. It's time to plan for the most wonderful time of the year! It is located in the town of Cayambe, at 3000 meters, crossed by the equinoctial line, in Ecuador. With these changes to the rose, it causes them to not live as long as an uncolored rose. We deliver direct to your loved ones in the USA via FedEx. We partner with experienced rose farmers in Ecuador to guarantee that our customers are receiving the world's most beautiful and fresh roses. We implement, Get to know our Fairtrade Certification: They are the perfect "Thank You" gift for a helpful favor or as a dinner date invitation for a recent crush. ecoworks; sales team; payment & claim policy This too has a significant impact. We make significant investments in technology in order to guarantee our processes, to maintain our standards and to grow roses that have... We bring you the following article so that you can know more about the origin of the roses and their meaning in the different colors. Our company is headquartered in the Netherlands and we have branches in Kenya, Ecuador and Colombia. Contact PBX: 593 (2) 380 1158 Sales: 593 (2) 380 1178 Eternal glaciers from the volcano provide de Valley of chill winds during day and night. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Ecuador grenzt an Kolumbien (590 km), an Peru (1420 km) und an den Pazifischen Ozean. 400. different varieties … To get the most of these amazing flowers it’s highly recommend to get them directly from the farms instead of local wholesalers. CN. 909-279-1516. Both farms located at the South of Quito in the Cotopaxi area, at 2800 mt above sea level. In Ecoroses, we are characterized by our constant innovation; passion for quality is one of our implicit values. Rose Platations Ecuador & Export Flowers from Ecuador of the best farms offering a wide range of varieties in Roses, Carnations. 909-279-1516. The rose is generally considered to be the queen of flowers. AGROCOEX was established in 1992 in Ecuador. [Due to Ecuador’s position on the equator, the country’s 500 species of roses grow higher than anywhere else in the world. Our farms are located at the Cayambe Valley, 1 hour north from Quito, capital of Ecuador. asper roses; who we are. asper roses; who we are. When we bring in new varieties we keep you, the designer, in mind by choosing exotic flowers, colors and visual textures. Interesting Facts about Roses: Welcome to our enchanted rose farm, nestled in between Andean mountains and surrounded by nature's wonders..the perfect ingredients for the perfect rose. grower farms Wholesale Flowers Ecuador Miami Экспорт лутших цветов из Эквадора лутшие плантации выгодные цены. Creation of new rose varieties, Selection of varieties developed by Meilland as well as that of other breeders and other plant species, Protection, License Grant for production and Promotion across the EU territory and worldwide. New Varieties, new rose variety, new and novelty varieties, located in Cotopaxi Ecuador. Phone: +593 3 270 10 77 - 3 270 10 71. . New Rose Varieties. Local or traditional wholesalers and flower markets usually purchase the roses from the fa… Studies into happine. Rose sale in boxes, grower and Exporter Fob Quito, new and novelty varieties, located in Cotopaxi Ecuador Rose Success Farm Grower Exporter, Cotopaxi, Ecuador Phone: +593 3 270 10 77 - 3 270 10 71 ROSE VARIETIES. Take a step back in time, and visit the estate’s historical Museum of Roses. 200 + AWARDS WON. Latest News Christmas P.R.E.P. Our main office is located in Quito Ecuador. This makes them particularly useful for presentation in tall vases. Ecuador USA Roses is owned by Hugh Prather. It is the third highest volcano in Ecuador. In recent years we grew with a new farm located in Machachi, also in the South, at 3200 mt above sea Level, El Corazon, one of the few farms in Ecuador located at this height. Ecuador USA Roses is owned by Hugh Prather. Ecuador offers the best roses with the largest selection, 500 varieties, in the world in the most amazing colors. Sponsored Listing Wholesale. Roses Ecuador Rose Ecuador Roses Preserved Everlasting Roses Preserved Long Lasting 4-5cm Wholesale Forever Real Ecuador Preserved Rose. There are options for all occasions and for everyone. Discover our webshop and shop premium and affordable farm-to-door roses! Contact info + 593 3 223-0252 + 1 (786) 206-0183. FARM ADDRESS: Km 1½ Via San Ramon, Cotopaxi, Mulaló. Del Establo Lote 50 y del Charro, Cumbayá Edificio Site Center, Torre 1, Of 208. The National Flower of Ecuador is the Rose.Ecuadorian roses are known for their huge blossoms, which happen in around 60 varieties in different fragrance and shades of red, pink, yellow, purple and lavender.Ecuadorian roses have dark green stems that are long and straight. Quito Ecuador. our … with our San Francisco farm, after that we initiated La Victoria. Learn how to drive sales! The Ecuador flower industry generates $873 million in revenue. It is the symbol of love. Results 1 - 24 of 112 Sort by Sorted Product Name Product Name Product Price Show 15 24 30 60 150 per page View as: Most of Ecuador’s rose plantations are found in the province of Pichincha in the Andes at an altitude of between 2,800 and 3,000 metres. Calle Rosas de los Andes SN(593)2 3610170 / 3612060, Otavalo, EcuadorSan Pablo del Lago. Del Establo Lote 50 y del Charro, Cumbayá Edf. He is a passionate connoisseur and ambassador for the Ecuador rose, who manages to surprise his customers time after time with unique premium varieties. Researchers are doing to find the best cultivar for this unique coloring process, with the result that the Venezuela Rose is the only cultivar that absorbs all the different colorants perfectly, which is a Hybrid Tea, the cream rose that grows in the Netherlands, Colombia, and Ecuador. Our exclusive rose varieties from Ecuador are unique and beautiful. Ecuador grows about. We are a passionate team that seeks excellence in. There are over 500 different rose varieties grown in Ecuador in almost any color imaginable. Email: Ecuador roses growers and exporters. Meilland, Breeding New Varieties of Roses. Looking for more rose varieties? Natural colored roses like red, white, pink, light pink and lavander to the exotic tinted roses like black roses and rainbow roses. They thrive … 593-099-537-5396 Our rose varieties including the highly sought-after garden rose can be used for many occasions. We started. “Give thanks with a grateful heart and harvest love”. rose varieties. A world leader in Rose production with 24 years of experience and more than 100 varieties. 0 comments; New Floral Products; At Virgin Farms we like to keep our product line fresh (literally). Since 2003, a family run rose farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. Ecuador … ... For years we have introduced new, exciting and unique varieties of rose to the market including Pink Floyd, Campanella, Secret Garden, Playa Blanca, Bikini, Tutti Frutti, Luciano, White Chocolate, and Hearts. Florecal is a rose, garden rose and garden spray rose grower in the privileged area of Cayambe in the Ecuadorian Andes for 30 years. Check out this list . At Sense Ecuador, we have a variety of Ecuadorian roses for you to choose from, like our classic red roses, fresh white roses, and varieties like Cherry Snow, a rose that mixes red and white hues. We deliver direct to your loved ones in the USA via FedEx. 593-099-537-5396 Whether it’s a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, or just to … The Cayambe mountain is an active volcano that rises 5,790 meters above sea level. Chiriboga SN y Secundaria(593)6 2918498 / 2918499, Del Establo Lote 50 y del Charro, CumbayáEdificio Site Center, Torre 1, Of 208. Explore this plantation where 38 rose varieties are grown. A unique feature of the company is his close engagement and connection, mirrored by his employees. In our farms we grow and produce roses with high quality standards. $8.50-$9.99 12 Boxes (MOQ) 2. Ecuador liegt im Nordwesten von Südamerika und ist geographisch, topographisch, klimatisch und ethnisch eines der vielfältigsten Länder der Erde. Quito Ecuador. our people; our certifications; our location; testimonials; contact us; join our team; our processes. Tessa Corp is a leading grower of the World’s Finest roses with a globally recognized brand name, a strong reputation for quality, with over 20 years of meticulous commitment to our craft.. Rose Plantations Ecuador & Export Flowers from Ecuador of the best farms offering a wide range of varieties in additions to Roses we offer Carnations, Gypsophila and other flowers. Natural roses include multiple shades of white, red, pink, yellow, green, lavender, purple, and orange. Site Center, Torre 1, Of 208, Quito, Ecuador, PBX: 593 (2) 380 1158Sales: 593 (2) 380 1178Fax: 593 (2) 380 1296E-mail:, Cayambe, EcuadorKm 3 San Esteban, Zuleta SN – Vía a Cayambe – Otavalo(593)2 2138022, Pedro Moncayo; EcuadorTupigachi – Barrio Granobles. new rose varieties; yellow; bicolor white red; bicolor yellow red; white; cream; peach; lavender; orange; novelty; garden roses; pink; hot pink; red; green; tinted. TELEPHONES #: (+593) 33050755 / (+593) 33050756 / (+593) 33050860 / (+213) 2560383 / (+213) 4712887 Dec 20, 2017 - Take a peek and take a pic! Buying our roses is the gift that keeps on giving. We partner with experienced rose farmers in Ecuador to guarantee that our customers are receiving the world's most beautiful and fresh roses. Buy bulk premium ecuadorian roses worldwide.

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