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Concrete. Finish Colors. Tree Surrounds Round (full) $34.35: each: Half Large Tree Ring: $17.20: each: Small Tree Ring (full) $31.00: each: Half Small Tree Ring: $16 ... $21.80: each: Garden Strips: $19.15: each: Garden Edge Corners: $19.15: each : COLOURED CONCRETE PRODUCTS . Concrete tree surround of square shape. A commitment to customer satisfaction is our motto. These precast concrete forms are a breeze. Garden Rings quantity. Pavers - the paver range is ideal for courtyards, pool surrounds, and entertainment areas. Masks and Gargoyles. We also manufacture tree surrounds which are used to beautify the area surrounding the trees. Size: 300mm Internal Diameter 600mm External Diameter. Moulded Concrete edging and Surrounds are made for us to our specifications and are used in everyday garden situations to contain gardens, edge gardens and to provide unique and tidy edges. Manufacturers of concrete tree surrounds to comply with urban planning regulations. Silva Integrate System. Dig around the tree. Shop edging stones and a variety of lawn & garden products online at Poured-in-place concrete borders are perfect for lawn edging, tree surrounds, driveway curbs and garden borders. Available in 2 sizes, these Tree Surrounds are used to highlight any tree or small garden, turning them into an attractive feature. Category: Moulded Concrete Edging And Surrounds. Concrete rings and squares are a sensational way to create easy edging and borders for plants or trees in your lawn. Ocher. Tables and Benches. Unbranded. Garden Edges & Surrounds. Our Product. Column Caps Concrete Balls Council Products Custom Made Drainage Products Exposed Aggregate Pavers Feet Garden Edging Industrial Paving Mowing Strips Origin Pavers Tree … Building Supplies , Common Bricks, Grey Blocks & Concrete Products , Garden Edging , Landscape Supplies Planters and Tree Surrounds . Finials. Shop tree rings and a variety of lawn & garden products online at Materials. Such trees are doomed to be short-lived from the moment they were drawn into the plans. Size: 450mm Internal Diameter 750mm External Diameter. Find tree rings at Lowe's today. Step 2. Brand new. Concrete Tree Ring Section will add a decorative touch to your landscape. Brown. It makes great garden borders, turf edges, driveway and parking curbs, decorative tree surrounds, and barriers for loose ground covers. Buy It Now. Black and gray. Jan 26, 2016 - Concrete tree surrounds and other concrete circles. See more ideas about concrete, tree, surround. Edging is a simple way to enhance your outdoor space while making your mowing and trimming chores easier.Size and weight are approximate. Vases. Dimensions. Fountains. Use the shovel to create a border by digging up the grass surrounding the tree. If the tree is too tall to lift the concrete ring over, use a sledge hammer to break it into smaller pieces. Variety of concrete garden edging, garden kerbing and tree surround. Sleeper and Plinths Car Stops Pit Surrounds House Stump Fencing Posts Concrete Slabs Garden Edging Spoon Drain Tree Surrounds Stock Troughs. Sleepers - we have three different textures to suit paths, driveways, steps and retaining walls. Silva Guard. Keeping customers satisfied since 1919 is our heritage. These tree surrounds are perforated so … Buy It Now +AU $8.95 postage. At Custom Concrete Products we supply products wholesale and directly to the public. Silvercrete Concrete Products is a South Australian owned and run business that begun in mid-2000. Decorative and durable edging can have any number of uses in an outdoor home. EverEdge Garden Rings are pre-formed to a variety of diameters to allow young trees and shrubs to become established, protect them from mowing damage and prevent soil compaction around the roots. Sundial Plates. You eliminate the maintenance and clean up of loose fill, as well as debris that gets collected as a result. This design also allows space for the the tree to … Mass. Decorative Concrete Products: Garden Seats and Benches. Please note these are sold in halves, not as a full ring. AU $39.12. The Gumnut Product Range. Large Concrete Tree Circle. Concrete landscape borders can be a decorative, functional and affordable addition to your yard or garden. The 7 Fundamentals of Tree Planting in Paved Surrounds 4. Bagged And Bulk Products; The circle is divided into 6 equal parts so that there will be 6 blocks or pieces of concrete surrounding the tree. See also our range of Regular & Decorative shaped concrete slabs for tree surrounds and lawn edging. Find Concrete Scalloped edging stones at Lowe's today. The 7 Fundamentals of Tree Planting in Paved Surrounds Trees are living woodland plants. Crushed marble or quarry. They can be made in any Urban colour and are made in the following sizes: Tree Ring: 350 mm ID and 600 mm ID. CAST CONCRETE BORDERS Printer Friendly Version. GC Concrete, Manufacturers of Concrete Path Inlays, Mossel Bay, George, South Africa We specialize in the following: Paving Slabs Slate finish concrete products Tree and Rose Surrounds Concrete Garden Edging Step treads Retaining wall panels Reinforced slabs To view our products, check the Products section. We manufacture tree guards of height ranging from 5ft to 6ft above ground. They come in a range of sizes to meet your requirements from 350mm right up to 600mm round or 530mmx385mm Oblong Used to make your garden tidy these attractive rings provide a great barrier for lawn mowing and assist in weed control. Tellam Civil products manufactures a precast concrete tree surrounds Precast 40mpa reinforced concrete Layback kerb profile Can be Cast-into cast iron surround in concrete slab Standard surround 1100 x 1100 x 180 Suitable for carpark lots Strong car stop … This sounds obvious, but it isn’t - ... concrete rings? The pattern is one of these 6 equal sections. Concrete Around Trees. Water repellent. Silva Grate. Edging protects trees from damage and ringbarking by keeping lawn growth and weeds from encroaching near the trunk and also great for lawn edging.. At Custom Concrete Products all our products are made and manufactured on site. A tree guard is a practical solution, allowing natural elements to be incorporated into even the busiest of schemes. Fireplace Surrounds. ... garden borders, tree rings and novelty items. The red concrete edging is durable and easy to install. Grey. Concrete garden edges are available in a number of different shapes and sizes. H2 Turf is a great solution for tree surrounds in lieu of metal grates or loose fill. Free local pickup. tree accessories WilsonStone’s range of tree guards and rings are for use in public car parks and city open areas. Concrete Tree Rings. Furthermore, not only is a quality Explore Marshalls' range of tree guards, designed to offer specialist protection within an urban landscape. Enviss tree surrounds are a removable grate rather than a poured finish so they can be lifted to clean litter or to replace the tree. Rose Surround Tree Surround Half Straight Edge 30 Degree Curve Internal and External 90 Degree Curve Internal and External 90 ... Internal 90 Degree Internal Tree Surround about us. Materials / Colors / Finishes. White. AU $40.00. Use tree rings to protect your plants and direct water to the root of the trees. Trees will be placed close together along rivers and roads to create wind paths so clean and cool air generated at night from Gwanaksan Mountain and Bukhansan Mountain can flow into the centre of Seoul. Consult any geometry book or go on line and look up how to dissect the circle into 6 equal or almost equal parts. We have a wide range of products; Concrete tree surrounds : Come in a large square and small square shapes , Large Square Tree Surround 640mm external and 430mm internal Small Square Tree Surround 450mm external and 250mm internal Small Concrete Tree Circle. Green stamp concrete-35% CO2 emissions than regular concrete Aggregates. Our company provides a comprehensive range of precast concrete products and services to the building construction and landscape industry. Our extremely porous material allows great ground water recharge for strong roots and healthy tree growth. For a more contemporary tree protection, tree grilles are also available using vertical and horizontal steel strips.

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