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Today Shin Hye Sun IG account reached 1 million followers. I fell in love with her! I first saw her in She Was Pretty but she did not really catch my eye there. Ryu Samuël Mar 14 2019 2:24 pm Sarah Mar 18 2016 11:47 am | Privacy Policy | Contact, T.T. First, the very word pornography comes from a Greek word porneia, which is translated sexual immorality in our English Bibles.Believers are commanded repeatedly in the New Testament to flee from all kinds of sexual immorality and impurity. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Sign in with Facebook. She is a better actress than I have seen come out of Hollywood in many years! updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); She is very cute and adorable actress i have ever seen.I really love her acting in "Angle's last mission " and "Still 17". [CDATA[ + she just kiss 2 handsome actors such a lucky girl. Olivia Nov 15 2019 2:51 am You're are wonderful Shin Hye Sun! SHS, How can you touch my heart like this? All rights reserved. :D. Sophie Jan 11 2017 12:29 pm Good luck, Hye-Sun may you soar like a meteor in the film world and bring us viewers many more great portrayals as an actress! Keep up with this good work ! saranghae unnie <3, Melisa Oct 28 2018 7:21 am You never exagerate in your acting but somehow it pears my heart like this. Our talent and top leaders have shown significant improvement in the areas of strategy and goals alignment, collaboration, passion and results-orientation. fighting! Through my golden life, you finally got all the recognition and fame that you deserve. I like her when started watching legend of blue sea then followed by five enough and now is my golden life which breaks the rating up tp 40. Darren Pomare Aug 23 2020 2:48 pm Among young actresses you are the top of the top. Your character was my favorite in S1. I have discovered that SHS was in drama FOREVER YOUNG as a manager for a rookie idol. An article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for the month of April 2020. As per Nielsen Korea, Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun-starrer has recorded an average nationwide rating of 9.0 percent for its third episode aired on Saturday, 19 December. AVA Aug 04 2018 7:19 am She has come a long way from Oh My Ghost as the wheel chair bound sister. I was addicted to you on first sight. I love her ???? Jolie Jan 07 2019 7:18 am Omg! She was fabulous and amazing in My Golden Life but I believe that we have not seen the best of her yet. Linadel Aug 06 2020 1:17 am Fighting shin hye sun!!!!!!! I just love this girl. An actress with the same aura as Han Hyo Joo! Andra..❤ Feb 04 2019 2:45 am Mariaaa28 Oct 19 2020 6:37 am Mr. Queen (tvN, 2020); Angel's Last Mission: Love (KBS2, 2019); Death Song (SBS, 2018); Thirty But Seventeen (SBS, … He is best known as a member of the South Korean boy group Shinhwa. Lee Ji Yee Aug 16 2019 8:16 am klover Aug 07 2019 5:52 am stay humble & keep your feet always on the ground. Bloomsbury Nov 02 2019 7:23 pm I just hope she can continue be a gppd artist and loyal to her carrer and has a good real romance story later on, cindy Feb 19 2018 8:23 am Hope to see her doing a lot of projects!! damnnn gurl was super lucky getting kiss by kang dong won in a movie. Regards, Noor elhouda Sep 26 2019 12:23 pm I accidentally watch many dramas with her and always love her acting. A good point. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); I love her soo much I’ve seen her in a couple of dramas but she finally got a main role in still 17 and she slayed it and in looking forward to her work in angles mission I hope that she becomes more successful in future Amen ? Her emotions on screen are so raw and so beautifully displayed that you can almost feel them. How can she be so good with such little experience? [CDATA[ Am left in awe of her acting so with the rest of the cast, Hirraify Jul 02 2020 2:59 pm Shin Hye-sun becomes royal in new promos for Queen Cheorin by tccolb. Shin Hye-sun attended the National High School of Traditional Korean Arts and Sejong University (Film Arts). Everything I watch seems to have her in it. Oh my goshhhhhhh In Hwang Si Mok's dream. Seems like every single project she does has good ratings. been watching her since age 7, Wolla Jan 02 2020 6:03 pm Sane_Turtle Sep 17 2015 4:59 pm I never thought you'll show up. Hanna Apr 23 2018 8:27 am One of the most versatile actresses I’ve ever seen. s_ree Dec 16 2017 6:44 pm I have to stop watching and write these words to you. Queen” shared new stills of Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun ahead of the upcoming episode! You're so very talented. tvN’s new historical comedy series Mr. Queen, previously known as No Touch Princess, has released the first stills of its lead stars Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun. Shin Hye-sun (born August 31, 1989) is a South Korean actress. MaElen May 17 2019 2:00 pm I like your natural look. Shin Hye-Sun is some next level actress! Wow, Seen her in She was pretty and Oh My Ghostess at first and had no idea she was playing the roles of sweet Eun-Hee and funny Han-Sul. I will foloow her serie. She is my favourite actress! Mel Jun 07 2019 3:21 am Sa rose Oct 24 2017 7:08 am She was that one in oh my ghost ? Shin Hye Sun - I first saw you in Secret Forest or Stranger, as it was called on Netflix in Canada. SHARE THIS. Jungle_fish Jul 27 2015 9:30 am An article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for the month of September 2020. lmlmlmlm Mar 07 2016 3:51 pm I finished Stranger 2 and cried hard because you were there! great acting! if i can give out a 101% rating i would. She's such a good actress. I'm looking forward for your future projects. Maharani Dec 15 2020 10:45 am i hope you could visit our country someday. Shin Hye-sun Profile: Shin Hye-sun Facts Shin Hye-sun (신혀선) is a South Korea actresses under YNK Entertainment. Hye-Sun Shin is an actress, known for Stranger (2017), Innocence (2020) and Hwanggeumbit Nae Insaeng (2017). Are we allowed to give a hundred and ninety nine percent? Rolly Dec 25 2017 5:31 pm Cerby Nov 24 2016 1:10 pm Zia Nov 03 2018 5:53 pm i love her so much for me she is the best no words can describe her acting evry time and evry series she let me speechless realy wow i hope she continue to blow our minde with it hope her the best realy i can't wait for her nex drama or film, Andra..❤ Aug 22 2019 1:56 am LARS-AKE NORLING “ITD World has been our coaching and leadership development partner for the past one year. Vic Calma Dec 09 2020 2:39 pm dizzyMongoose Sep 18 2018 10:04 pm 125.4k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘shinhyesun’ hashtag Loved the timid you in "Five children", love you now into "My Golden life". God bless you Miss Shin Hye Sun! After watching Oh My Ghost, I totally didn't notice that it was you in Twenty Again!! She is very down-to-earth, approachable and cute. She’s gone on … Though she wasn't in the lead role but I liked her acting. Her performances have always been so different and amazing! From stranger her acting abilities is on a new level compared to other actors. Meet Your Home at the Heart of the City: Discovery Suites Manila. I will definitely pay more attention to her now that I know she's a great actress. Allan D'Souza Oct 10 2019 6:05 am My golden life was my first k-drama - had to read the subtitles, though ? You have that special facial features that has a sad introverted look, and on those places where you smile you show such a presence and a stunning bright smile. In 2016, Sung returned to the Korean small screen with KBS's weekend drama Five Enough, playing a model turned professional golfer, where his pairing with Shin Hye-sun gained popularity among the viewers. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jul 16 2019 7:57 am So sweet and cute❤❤, Beng Feb 02 2018 12:25 am Miss Shin Hye Sun, Fighting. Haha (ynkent, btw). I've now seen most of your other work. Run along dont give up for you are on a journey to full success and I will keep cheering for you. April Vida Jul 14 2019 12:01 am Only if COVID-19 were over if you ask me because I miss eating out at Korean restaurants. I've watched almost all your movies ..If not all and damnn you're so goood!!! Shin Hye Sun stars as Kim So Yong, the Joseon queen with the soul of Blue House chef Jang Bong Hwan trapped inside her. Keep up the good work. Wow, this girl can act! grace Dec 23 2016 9:56 pm You are perfect for that role. Seriously... one of the best actresses I have ever seen. I saw you in my golden life you played a strong character and touching and now I see you in Still 17 I really did not know that you could be so funny and share a wonderful chemistry with all your partners, you are an actress full of talent I wish you all the best in each of your projects. She really did good job in every role she played. Hyesun 언니, fighting♡, jii May 28 2019 8:18 am i thought her character in she was pretty is cute and funny thou not annoying ^^, heropiposh Oct 03 2015 10:15 am Shin Hye Sun is a South Korean actress. i never saw someone more natural than SHS when she act.. really. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); onnieeee you are the great new drama I think you are 17 years already Rookie Awards. But when I say her in Stranger I so surprised at her acting that I am going to watch My Golden Life for her. Meia Mar 15 2018 3:01 am Shes very good! I love her in My Golden Life and love her character as Seo Ji Ahn. I am from Sydney Australia. She alway has a good performance and charactor. She was absolutely terrific in "my golden life and so cute in "still 17". Kim Jung Hyun plays … I’m so excited to watch her in future projects. masihiman Apr 09 2018 12:57 am Definitely deserves bigger roles. Hope to watch her again together with Park Shi Hoo in new drama. Array(); Her acting is brilliant!❤️❤️❤️. Queen of high ratings.. I can't wait to see your next work. she played roles that are very different from each time. Also she is so beautiful, I don't understand how people can call her ugly. Her and Hwang Jung Eum are my favorite k drama actresses. I like the innocence you portray in Still 17. Today you are top excellent artress,congratulations Hyesus love you?my golden life,and 30 but 17 is my lifetime favorite drama❤️❤️ I'm enjoy so much to watch your drama,happy new year 20 Totally couldn't catch that! this girl is so underrated. June Dec 05 2017 10:16 pm The Legend of the Blue Sea - The Legend Continues, At the Noodle Cart: Korean Edition [September 2020], At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [June 2020], At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [April 2020], At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [March 2020]. She is sucha stunner! she is the best actress in Korean industry for me...... the way she gives expressions and emotion is just so much astonishing. And I am not fan of watching Korean Drama especially with sub titles. And this is from an American of Scotch/Irish descent! I tried to send an email to her agency asking if I could email her a fan letter but their email was invalid! Anyway, she set the bar very high. Pk Mar 12 2018 4:14 am Saw her in Stranger. 4. Gosh.she look sooo decent in Oh My Ghost but superb annoying in She Was Pretty.Excellent actress. Jherad Sep 10 2017 1:14 am chukkaaeeee ❤❤. { ❤, Xev Feb 03 2020 7:36 am Fighting! //]]>, //

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