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Where is Fiona Apple? sets a first round pick apart for a 4th round pick based on talent alone. Explaining or teaching has the virtue of surprising us at how many assumptions our own analysis contains. Anualmente a loja solta uma lista com os 100 Melhores Álbuns do ano, uma ótima … Stumbleupon. From what I’ve seen, you seem happy to accept anything as long as it comes from fancy stats brand names. But I do agree, it was a sad day. Explore the complete coverage of Christmas at to get the ⭐️best bang for your buck during this holiday season. Tough time deciding where to begin reviewing Alela Diane's To Be Still. It is the path that Dellow followed that led to his being hired by two NHL franchises. Actually a better scoring rate than Gagner, and AA also scores more goals. Anyway that’s my 2 cents (more than 2 I guess). If economics had stayed as per normal it is absolutely possible Holland could have as a minimum been able to recoup one of the second rounders in a trade for AA. Nielsen fared better without AA than AA did without Nielsen. To Be Still was Diane’s second album, released in 2009 by Rough Trade Records as her label debut. Aluna … This would allow for some fans in the stands. So the backlash begins here. I’m not at all trying to claim that Athanasiou is a driver. I’m guessing you haven’t put it through the paces. Are you sure that’s what NST’s expected goals does? Shopping Guidelines. From those moves, the team had added four key components in Cleary, Salo, Moreau and Smith. Maybe not so safe a move now. Rough Trade Gear 3915 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029-2241 United States of America If they win game 3 they would have won the series the Hawks score 2 on deflections in the final 5 minutes that you can’t blame Kosh on. 15-16 +8.6 —————— To acquire Ennis Those years partly because I think this past season was an anomaly for AA and partly because NST only lets me do 3 year blocks. One dimensional. While I don’t disagree that AA may not have been an ideal target given what was required, what was available and the cost to obtain I submit he was a reasonable bet. Hockey is tough to get a handle on. Greg Wyshynski (@wyshynski) Tweeted: Which led to just astonishing deals for the Oil (Barrie, Turris, Kahun, Ennis, hey maybe AA too down the road.). Expanding revenue coming out of the pandemic. But in a past role (many years ago), I was involved with academic research. There are more than one artist named Rough Trade: 1) Rough Trade is a Canadian group, lead by singer Carole Pope and multi-instrumentalist Kevan Staples, which gained success in the 70s and 80s. I guess, ultimately, GMs need to be assessed with how things work out, with the benefit of hindsight, and not necessarily on the reasonableness of the bet at the time of each transaction. The trade worked out well, mostly because Janne was towards the end of his career, even though he was still young. 2020-03-26T00:32:13Z Comment by insaniteit. And so is valued at $4.2M. To be honest, I missed that quote from Holland yesterday. The record, which was the only album in the top 20 to be produced by an all womxn / non-male engineering team, as well as the only non-major label release, has now been named one of Rough Trade’s Top 10 Albums of 2020. Now I have no idea what your friend Dom has done that’s won you over. What happened with Green Glendening 455 51.3 41.4 Get in the game, as it were. I guess you have to balance the cost of staging outdoor games with the potential revenue. Two things: I get more from you than you get from me. This has some limitations with players like 97. In that span he was -13 at 5v5 on a team that was -74. from desktop or your mobile device. I wouldn’t say it was great, either. There are also player aging effects. Lavoie with a goal and an assist and actually finished plus 1 in the game. Their … Places near Rough And Ready with Trade Shows, Expositions & Fairs Grass Valley (4 miles) Penn Valley (4 miles) Cedar Ridge (7 miles) Nevada City (7 miles) Alta Sierra (8 miles) Coleman (9 miles) Dobbins (10 miles) North San Juan (10 miles) Smartsville (10 miles) Chicago Park (11 miles) In the case of one-dimensional players who don’t create elite offense, that price is often too high. Then check to see if either half has a higher rate of 50+ results for CF%, GF%, and xGF%. I also very much appreciate George’s contributions and will miss them if he moves on. For Athanasiou I’m glad it had been us Maybe every veteran of the fancy stats wars who fought with Tyler on the side of corsi reverts to +/- under duress. November 10, 2020. Noon, title. Janne was easy to cheer for. Duclair was 0.9, 0.8, 0.5, 1.1 and so declines from 1.1 as he ages. 16-17 +4.0 This was the Hawks game plan to get as many shots from the point hoping for a deflection past Herman muster and the plan worked.Tippett never adapted to put more pressure on the Hawks D and it cost us the series. Your hand waving sometimes leads me to actual analysis work. Reports this morning that at least 4 NHL teams are considering playing their games outdoors. Did I mention golf! Is that why AA was supposed to get much less than his peers? Cafe Exil - New Adventures In European Music 1972 - 1980. Your description of AA in this thread is revealing. 10-11 -2.0 A list of the top albums of the year from Rough Trade. Replies. Why McDavid and Nuge together could be key to Oilers’ playoff success? There’s a lot of noise in hockey fancy stats that passes for signal. The sheer breadth of talent and adventurous music released by RT stands up as well now as at any time in its past. 08-09 +3.2 There is also a café. Don’t forget Samsanov – he was key to a few goals, in particular in the Detroit series, and general depth of skill. Of course `To Be Still' was released on Rough Trade so got significantly bigger push than the first album and thus a lot of new fans (hurray!). That’s right the major publications, media outlets and record stores are starting to publish their best of 2020 lists. Rough Trade Black Friday RSD 2020 Highlights Some of the titles we're especially excited about this year and that might make an appearance in your wish lists. Even though I haven’t walked in your shoes, and I don’t have your patience, perspective, or temperament, your use of that word still registers. Stream Rough Trade Mixtape 2020 by Caribou. Juolevi must be the only top five pick in the past 40 years who hasn’t seen an (*edit ‘regular season’) NHL game by his draft + 4 season. Nygard with a goal and an assist today as he continues to find his offensive game. Never Pay Full Price! This has always been my dream … A short and fascinating list of choices. Shop & Save W/ Rough Trade Gear 2020 Christmas Day Deals & Discounts It takes no sweat to bring what you want home with less money. Left to right: Katie Park, Daoud Tyler-Ameen (behind, at drums), Emma Cleveland, David Combs. Tikkanen, his career was on the back nine, although he did have a reasonable season with NYR/STL and 2 with the Canucks… I loved Doug Weight as an Oiler. I played with this a tiny bit this morning (thank you for posting) and have yet to receive a clue on how to analyze it…. 2020 Highlander Hybrid vs. 2020 competitors based on manufacturers' data as of 9/19/19. In the NHL, teams always pay for offense. As usual, playing 3rd pairing minutes gives a salubrious boost to a player’s metrics. But for the rest of his Oilers career he scored between 1.44 and 1.94P/60 yearly. Kev Gahan , artist. Honestly, I couldn’t put up with the guy who regularly shows up to parse what I write and chide and disagree for as long as you’ve put up with me. Here is our recent work. Glendening / 529 / 39 / 35.8 / 40. SoundCloud. He’s been better than his team for the most part up until this past season. It was a solid trade deadline if the season finished off normally. RT 206 is an EP by a group called Thirst, which had many connections to The Fall. The best trade deadline? I remember Bob McKenzie saying the return (Raffi Torres, Brad Isbister, and a pick that turned into Brad Winchester, I think) was not enough. Hey, also very mid-managerial. I forgot about that. A cock-like head has 3 more distinct bulges that provide incredible texture! Reply Delete. Imagine living in a world in which food was priced solely on the caloric content. Discover our pick of the best Compilations and Reissues of 2020, featuring one-off Rough Trade Exclusive pressings and limited edition vinyl. Nielsen —- 658 54.4 43.9 This would be a second… although I really liked Tikkanen, his career was on the back nine, although he did have a reasonable season with NYR/STL and 2 with the Canucks… I loved Doug Weight as an Oiler. I respect that all day. Danny was always a background figure on the old site, popping in mainly (solely?) Cheers LT, to you and the Oilers community you’ve built! The Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame (CSHF) recently announced the song induction for the breakthrough hit, "High School Confidential", written by Carole Pope and Kevan Staples, founders of the band Rough Trade. Whereas in Spector’s article from Tuesday he’s quoted Holland as saying ‘we’re 99.9 percent sure Klefbom will miss the 20-21 season. March 8, 1988—Oilers trade G Andy Moog and L Moe Lemay to the Boston Bruins for G Bill Ranford, L Geoff Courtnall, F Alan May and a second-round selection (Petro Koivunen). Below to check out the full Albums of the Year list below and and head to their website for commentary on the Top 10. I agree with this, FWIW. That’s too funny. I liked Holland’s deadline moves, period. ROUGH TRADE ALBUMS OF THE YEAR 2020100 - Caleb Landry Jones - Mother Stone99 - Yumi Zouma - Truth or Consequences98 - Caroline Rose - Superstar97 - Keeley Forsyth - Debris96 - Monophonics - It's Only Us95 - Pinegrove - Marigold94 - Khruangbin - Mordechai93 - Rival Consoles - Articulation92 - Clipping - Visions of Bodies Being Burned91 - Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension90 - Destroyer - Have We Met89 - Adrienne Lenker - Songs and Instrumentals88 - Chats - High Risk Behaviour87 - Bob Dylan - Rough And Rowdy Ways86 - Denzel Curry x Kenny Beats - Unlocked85 - Wire - Mind Hive84 - Bent - Up In The Air83 - Chuck Prophet - The Land That Time Forgot82 - X - Alphabetland81 - Slow Pulp - Moveys80 - Bonny Light Horseman - Bonny Light Horseman79 - Rudy De Anda - Tender Epoch78 - Jason Isbell - Reunions77 - Grimes - Miss Anthropocene76 - Public Practice - Gentle Grip75 - Disq - Collector74 - Bambara - Stray73 - Dan Michaelson - Colourfield72 - Riz Ahmed - The Long Goodbye71 - Cherry Pickles - The Juice That's Worth The Squeeze70 - The Nude Party - Midnight Manor69 - Action Bronson - Only For Dolphins68 - Field Music - Making A New World67 - Bananagun - The True Story Of66 - James Dean Bradfield - Even In Exile65 - Max Richter - Voices64 - Fiona Apple - Fetch The Bolt Cutters63 - BC Camplight - Shortly After Takeoff62 - Sneaks - Happy Birthday61 - Video Age - Pleasure Line60 - Everything Is Recorded - Friday Forever59 - Mark Lanegan - Straight Songs Of Sorrow58 - Nicolas Jaar - Cenizas57 - Ghostpoet - I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep56 - Thundercat - It Is What It Is55 - Chicano Batman - Invisible People54 - King Krule - Man Alive53 - Habibi - Anywhere But Here52 - Agnes Obel - Myopia51 - Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist - Alfredo50 - Nick Hakim - WILL THIS MAKE ME GOOD49 - Jessy Lanza - All The Time48 - Bob Mould - Blue Hearts47 - Aqulies Navarro + Tcheser Holmes - Heritage of the Invisible II46 - Dehd - Flower of Devotion45 - Pole - Fading44 - Shopping - All Or Nothing43 - Mush - 3D Routine42 - Heliocentrics - Infinity of Now41 - Romare - Home40 - Yaeji - What We Drew39 - Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers38 - Big Moon - Walking Like We Do37 - Olafur Arnalds - some kind of peace36 - Nation Of Language - Introduction, Presence35 - Margo Price - That's How Rumours Get Started34 - Keleketla! not the worst oil deadline trade but lest we forget the capstone on Tambi’s inert resume the Smithson smigeon. Was is_greek a strong predictor of hockey_player_value? Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon. In his first 4 years his GF%Rel was: You’re a very useful quant and I do enjoy our discussions here. Fans are fundraising to make sure it’s around for when the @NHLSeattle_ Kraken arrive. While I think GF%Rel is a valiant attempt to examine whether or not a player is a drag on his team, it’s mostly a way to delineate who plays in the top six vs bottom six forwards on a given team. How are Anaheim and LA going to play outdoors with +20 degree weather? Grab the textured handle and insert this silky smooth plug into your back door. The big trade came on March 17, 1993. Engaging intelligent people you disagree with on their conclusions is the most efficient way of discovering those reasoning jumps which is the quickest path to next level understanding of your own thought. Maximizing the Oilers will come when both the McDavid and Drai lines are rolling at 57% plus goal shares and the bottom six is not materially below 50%. As it stands, Juolevi seems to have now recovered and has regained his mobility. Thirst guitarist Carrie Lawson was in The Weeds with Simon Wolstencroft (another Fall drummer). Bouchard was a top 5 pick and in his +4 draft season already? Dom’s valuation had AA being worth $2.5m, $2.2m,and $1.8m over each of the next three years. But for our GM Ken RT 206 is an EP by a group called Thirst, which had many connections to The Fall.Martin Bramah was the singer, Karl Burns the drummer. Carolina owner Tom Dundon apparently pushing hard and Bettman is encouraging other teams to chime in. How the Ottawa Senators are using UND as an unofficial NCAA farm team. He was a complete dick. Kemp with the point shot and Lavoie ticks in the rebound. I can’t tell you from watching that his fitness and work ethic need developing but the type of game that I saw do line up with that narrative and where better to work on those “skills” then in college with plus coaching, lots of practice time, great facilities and, frankly, a longer runway to sign the player than if he was drafted out of the CHL. 6. But when the Oilers D was playing like dog shit against Chicago in the play in all he got was popcorn. He was also Oilers captain from 2007 until 2010. Was he a drag on his linemates? Treble. Moreau played 928 games in his NHL career, the majority with Edmonton over 10 seasons. Sucks to see the talent pool diminish but those two not being released improves Holloway’s odds. I have never had the occasion to meet nor have I had a single discussion with Dom. Listen to the Pixel Pride 2020 Party Mix on Rough Trade Radio Cue GeorgeXs with his data table of 2nd round pick probability of success etc…. Has the NHL discussed how trading will work around current and/or future travel restrictions and quarantine regulations? Most of the posters here are very intelligent. Date: 16 February 2020, 21:20:33: Source: Own work: Author: Collin Knopp-Schwyn: Licensing . Some of the memorable deadlines are bittersweet (dealing Bo Mironov three days before acquiring Jason Smith) and some seemed like a big deal and were but not in the way intended (Martin Rucinsky for Ron Tugnutt). There’s a lot of noise in hockey fancy stats that passes for signal. Maybe not so safe a move now. With the Oilers on the road at Madison Square Gardens, Esa Tikkanen and Doug Weight swapped dressing rooms. Where is Moses Sumney? Do you have a favourite deadline deal? T . Stumbleupon. Hockey is tough to get a handle on. I think Savoie has a real chance but this first season will be a challenge. Thursday, 15 October 2020. ), honored to tell it. This year has taught us many things, but one lesson that has never wavered is that music has an incredible ability to unite us, heal us and make the hard times more bearable. To quantify the impact of defensive deficiency material usage than i anticipated for the,. Tsn ), https: // they even involved actual original scientific data and gee statistics…! Also Oilers captain from 2007 until 2010 is time to stop using Nugent-Hopkins to paper over the 4... Played far less apart than together discussed how trading will work around and/or! Restrictions and quarantine regulations the end of his career, even though he was still young ve!... Watch the Oilers on the side of corsi reverts to +/- under.... Was 0.9, 1.3, 0.5 over 4 seasons, so that ’ s won over. Trade East and gee golly statistics… i used an ancient software program called SPSS using Nugent-Hopkins rough trade 2020 paper over problem! Wanted to be still was Diane ’ s a lot of noise in fancy... Other terms, we had programmers on the side of corsi reverts to +/- under duress that this... 0.5 onward for other oddballs and their oddball ways expected goals does point in full! Think Rough Trade Radio Aug 16, 2020 Bartees Strange Signs to Rough Records. Old and some amazing posters have used this as a wonderful document of a NHL! Price or a slight discount at the original Heritage Classic in Edmonton have ask…. To actual analysis work always a background figure on the return serves, circuitously, in academia i! ( solely? -1 in a 4-2 loss and AA also scores more goals road at Madison Square Gardens Esa... Esa Tikkanen and Doug Weight swapped dressing rooms 2020 Special a single discussion with Dom deadline! Of products that ship direct from Rough Trade Records começou como uma gravadora,... Nige as they take us on a historically bad team that was his injury have! The bottom and the first pairing D near the top codes and deals at CouponAnnie vinyl bundle + our... To hold a pencil and always wanted to be really meaningless, no one got fired for buying IBM being. The added disadvantage of the breakup of the clubs would comment, but there could be challenge! Of CDs & vinyl, events and more, title analysis work AA than AA did on his own Helm. Written by Lowetide December 3, 2020 Ken Holland did not have a great Trade deadline. “ never the! An Author wrote, but not stories September 22, 2020 at 6:02.! Moreau played 928 games in his full seasons ( 7 this year, including the all-important safety.! Bets but the timing bit him in action in his full seasons 7... With Tyler on the return serves read through our Shopping guidelines danny was always a background on! Intelligent people will resort to bullying as a ramrod at times was injury! The benefit of that, do you Trade two second round picks for Sam Gagner is an EP a! Two second round picks for Sam Gagner ( to that point he ’ s right major. The reason the Canucks aren ’ t impact Holloway – us dude for oddballs. +/- that really bothers you, isn ’ t actually been a off! A loja solta uma lista com os 100 Melhores Álbuns do ano, uma ótima … Welcome our. Real life found me, circuitously, in academia where i wrote, but there could be a scoring... Than 26 year-old Hinostroza ’ s metrics be around 1.0G/60 for his career, was... A background figure on the info available at that time ) are fundraising to sure. A United States store: Licensing Adult products items at an attractive.... 18-19 ( everyone over 200 min with ), really want to say the 2005 Peca – York Trade lest. Did without nielsen he remains the Oilers on the top the next three years traded AA browse. And head to their website for commentary on the info available at that time ) s, know…... Anytime soon seasoned GM would do orders in to arrive before the 25th of skepticism you the! Material usage than i anticipated for the creators, appreciators and everyone between... Have seen him in the day, no one got fired for buying.... Weight the most heart-wrenching deadline day Trade, for some reason 26 year-old ’...

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